Villa Demidoff, a UNESCO world heritage.

Daily day bike tour in the Villa Medicea di Pratolino park.

The Francesco dei Medici was the Florence king in late renaissance, he asked Giambologna and Buontalenti, the best artists and engineers, to built a huge Villa with a big park full ofstatue and attractions.

The artists created a renaissance Disney world, an incredible Villa with an unbeliveble park full of amazing masterpieces.

The Giambologna's Giant, is not just a statue, it's a building, with rooms, built into a huge statue 10 m tall, where the King can relax and watch his kingdom from the top of the hill through the holes in the statue's eyes.

The Buontalenti (gelato inventor) buit the Cupido cave, an incredible building, with a stream inside, fake birds moving their wings by the water power, and wisthles reprovucing their song. There whas a cristal ball over the top with water a coloured fish, so the light coming in by the windows flashes on the walls in different colours throughing the ball, something like a "strobo" ball.

There were human figures self moving by water power, like robots.

You can visit all this things by bike, riding through this incredible park

Bike: 24 speed front suspended mountain bike, disk brakes, 29" wheels.

Fitness level: easy

Skill level: easy

Duration: 1 ore more days

Available from 100 eur a day each person, all inclusive.

Kids under 10 ride for free.