Leonardo da Vinci's tour

Bike tour on the hills where the genius was born.

The tour throughs the land in wich Leonardo Da Vinci was born, in south of Montalbano hills, a sunny country with amazing views and landscapes.

This part of tuscan backcountry is one of the most beautyful, with villas and old country farms perfectly preserved from the middle age. Vinci village is an exhample of typical tuscan village, and here you will found the Leonardo's museum with many of his incredible fabrications and designs.

Just a few minute riding out of Vinci village, you will found Leonardo da Vinci's birthplace. It's a little old brick house up on the hill, but the view from this point is amazing. This landscape is the country you can see as background of Gioconda picture.

Riding theese paths will be a pleasure, without worrying about logistics and stuff, just enjoying your holiday.

Bike: front or full suspended mountain bike

Fitness level: intermediate / advanced

Skill level: easy / intermediate

Duration: half day/all day

Leonardo da Vinci's tour