Montalbano enduro bike tour

Enduro bike tour on amazing trails


The tour is almost completely on dirt streets and single tracks, is the funniest and hardest way to visit this unique country, among vineyards and olive trees, on the same paths the Medici was riding on their horses five centuries ago. This is the only country where you can find the real Tuscany country life, just a few people visit this area, because is not so famous as Chianti, but is a very charming place, with real winery like Capezzana winery (2000 best sweet wine of the world) and Villa Costaglia winery. Montalbano is a pretty hard hill, 500 m high, but stip up and down hill, so trails are not so easy, and get the top may be like a victory if you choose direct lines to summit.

You will found hard single tracks and downhills where you can challenge yourself and how good you are on the bike.

Full equipment for you, suspension bike, helmet and protections forshoulders, back, elbows and knees.

bike: full suspended mountain bike

fitness level: advanced

skill level: advanced

duration: half day